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Fatal Frame III: The Tormented PC

Game Zone -Fatal Frame 3 pcsx2, Fatal Frame III, known in Japan as Zero: Shisei no Koe (???????) and in Europe as Project Zero III: The Tormented, is the third installment in the Fatal Frame video game series. The game�s plot ties the first three games in the series together, featuring characters, locations, and sections of storyline from the previous two games. The game is a direct sequel of Fatal Frame and Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly, seeing the return of Miku Hinasaki, the heroine of Fatal Frame, as well as other characters that share a connection with the events from the preceding games.
The player controls the character of either Rei, Miku or Kei, and uses the Camera Obscura to photograph and fight off ghosts. The player explores in third person in either the dream world, the Manor of Sleep, or the real world. On the main screen there is a sensor bar, called the filament, that indicates if a ghost is present. When the filament glows red the controller vibrates, signaling that there is a hostile ghost nearby. If the filament turns blue, there is a neutral or friendly ghost present, one that will not attack but can be captured with the camera. At any point in the game, the player can enter the first person camera mode, called �Finder Mode� or the viewfinder, in which ghosts can be defeated. The camera has a limited amount of film. Experience points are gained through defeating ghosts or by taking pictures of friendly ghosts, and can be used to upgrade the camera. Different upgrades can be purchased, and it is up to the player how the points are distributed.

Screen Shot :

Mediafire Password :
RAR Password :

Minimum System Requirements:
* Operating system: Windows ® XP / Vista / 7 
* Processor: Intel C2D � 3,2 GHz
* Memory: 1 GB 
* Video: Ge-force 9800GT
* Soundcard: sovmestimoya with DirectX9.0 
* Free space on HDD: 5 GB

Step1: Download game and use winrar to extract.
Step2: Mount the extracted ISO and Install the game.
Step3: Download the settings Screenshot From Here.
Step4: Configure the settings.(�C:\Program Files\Fatal Frame III � The Tormented\Fatal Frame III (Settings Video).exe�)
Step5: Learn the controls before start .
Step6: Run the game from desktop shortcut.
When game starts after about 5 seconds -> screen �freezes�! in the main menu. So to avoid this quickly press �spacebar� to start the game in English.

Keyboard and Mouse Control:
� Walking � W, A, S, D
� Running / Speed � Left Shift, or Right mouse button
� Camera � E
� Menu � Enter
� Action / photograph � Left mouse button or Space
� Increase the frame camera � Roller Mouse
� Quick save � F1
� Quick Load � F3
� Change the save slot � F2


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